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At The Archist Craft Ltd we offer laser cutting and laser engraving services on a variety of materials. It is a speedy and high end services specially catered towards designers, creative businesses, students and individuals. It is super easy to use, whether you want to laser cut intricate geometric shapes or laser engrave calligraphy, simply email us your design in one of the formats mentioned below and get an quote within 48 hours.
Formats: Adobe Illustrator, DWG, DXF or SVG.
Currently, with the laser cutter we have, we offers our services up to 500mm x 300mm on a variety of materials, some of which we carry in stock, others you can provide or we can organise for ordering.

If you are unsure about your design then we also offer designing services which can bring your vision to life. This service is billed same as laser cutting service .  

Our service is available on the following materials:

Wood - Timber is perfect for laser cutting and engraving. The accuracy of the laser ensures a perfect cut every time and can easily and efficiently produce multiple copies. Our lasers can also create beautiful engravings and can even engrave at diverse shades to create a wonderful tonal image. Wood type include: Ply, MDF, Veneer and Cork. We also offer our laser and laser engraving service on a variety of exotic woods including: Bamboo, Walnut, Balsa, Cherry, Cedar and Birch. 

Acrylic - Our range of acrylic plastics have a wide variety of applications and finishes. Perfect for engraving, etching or cutting, plastics leave a clean cut line to a high degree of accuracy. A great alternative to glass and is available in a selection of finishes and textures including clear, frost, coloured glitter and mirror.

Paper - We can etch and cut the paper to create score lines or illustrations; perfect for marking fold lines on invitations or markings that would otherwise need to be printed. Our stock ranges from delicate tissue paper to thick watercolour and card. We can advise of the best product for your project.

Fabric - Leather is versatile to laser cut to create precision lines and can be etched and engraved to create textural contrasts and highlights. Fabric cutting and engraving include: Cotton, Felt, Silk, Linen, Lace, Polyester, Fleece, Softshell , Jeans and Alcantara.

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