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The Archist Logo


Art Inspired by Architecture and Culture

Our History -

The Archist Craft Ltd was established in June 2020 by Mohamad Aaqib Anvarmia and his younger brother Mehmodmia Anvarmia. Whilst studying Architecture at university in 2014, Aaqib took inspiration from his research in Islamic Geometric Shapes and Pattern and Art Deco and started designing and crafting his own multi-layered art pieces.

Mehmod graduated and has experience in Accounting, Finance and Tax however, during the Covid-19 lockdown, as a hobby and pass time, he learnt how to use designing programmes and started making art pieces alongside his brother. The first piece the brothers crafted together was the supersized world map.

Company Goals and Ethos -

As artists from an under represented minority, they have noticed that art is a condescending topic within their background. Their aim, through their work, is to change the perception of art within their culture and to normalise art as any other professional career.

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